Four Questions You Should Ask a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Cincinnati, OH

Before a person decides on bankruptcy, they need to seek information through a consultation appointment with a lawyer. At this appointment, a person can learn more about their bankruptcy options so they can make a sound decision for their financial needs. It is important individuals are prepared for this meeting so they can be sure they will glean all the information they need. The following information will help individuals to be prepared with questions to ask the bankruptcy lawyer in Cincinnati, OH.

These questions should be asked at the initial consultation:

* What are the options for bankruptcy? This is an important question because there are two main types of bankruptcy individuals can file. A person needs to speak with the lawyer to determine which option will be most beneficial for their financial situation.

* What are the benefits and consequences of filing for bankruptcy? A person needs to know fully what they are getting themselves into when they decide to file for bankruptcy, no matter the type. Knowing the benefits and what consequences will occur if they file will help them to make a decision based on facts so they know what to expect.

* How long will the process take? Knowing more about the process will allow an individual to be prepared. The filing process can take a few weeks to months and if a person is filing chapter 13, it will be put into effect for three to five years.

* What information will be needed for filing? A lawyer can provide their client with a list of information that will be needed for filing. There are several documents that must the filed with the court to ensure the bankruptcy will be approved.

Asking these and other questions will allow a person to find the information they need so they can make a sound decision on whether or not bankruptcy is the right option for them. If you are faced with more debt than you can handle, contact the bankruptcy lawyer in Cincinnati, OH so they can help. Schedule an appointment and you can get started on the process of overcoming your debt and starting a new financial record.

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