Frequently Asked Questions About Aluminum Recycling In Baltimore MD

If you want to make extra money while helping the environment, start recycling your aluminum. Below you’ll learn about recycling this type of metal and taking it to a business that specializes in Aluminum Recycling in Baltimore MD.

Q.) What happens to the aluminum that’s sold to a recycling center and how does it help the environment?

A.) When you take your aluminum to a business that performs Aluminum Recycling in Baltimore MD, this metal is melted and then it’s used to make new aluminum products. Using recycled aluminum is less costly than making new products out of this metal and this process uses less energy.

Q.) What types of aluminum items can be taken to a recycling center?

A.) In addition to aluminum cans, there are various types of products that are made out of this metal. You probably have many different kinds of scrap metal around your house that’s made out of aluminum. These include old metal lawn chairs, gutters, storm doors and house siding. If you’re not sure if the metal in question is aluminum, place a magnet on the metal and if the magnet doesn’t stick to the object, then you have aluminum. Also, aluminum does not rust and it feels lighter in weight than other types of metals.

Q.) What is the process for selling aluminum scrap metal to a recycling company?

A.) Gather up all of your aluminum and sort the cans from the other aluminum scrap. Place your cans into a large trash bag for easy handling and weighing. When you arrive at the center that specializes in Aluminum Recycling in Baltimore MD, an employee will weigh your scrap metal. After weighing your aluminum, you’ll be paid for your aluminum based on the weight and the current market value.

Mid-Atlantic Metals, Inc. is a family-owned scrap metal recycling company that will pay you top dollar for your scrap metal. If you have scrap metal, but you don’t have a way to transport it to the scrap yard, contact the company for pick up service. Visit their website to learn about the different types of metals they accept and to contact the company. Visit for more details.

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