Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Dentistry In Fort Wayne, Indiana

To keep your dog healthy, it’s essential that you regularly take the animal to a veterinarian for a dental cleaning and checkup. Teeth problems can lead to infections and compromise the health of your dog. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn more about the importance of visiting an experienced veterinarian that specializes in Pet Dentistry in Fort Wayne Indiana.

Q.) What are some signs that indicate a dog has tooth problems?

A.) Dogs often exhibit various signs that indicate they have a painful tooth. These include rubbing their head on the floor, resistance to eating, problems swallowing their food and rubbing a paw on their face or around their mouth. Pet owners may notice their dog has a bad odor coming from their mouth, a swollen face, or redness along the gum line of the pet’s teeth. Upon closer inspection, a pet owner may see their pet has a broken or loose tooth.

Q.) Besides for emergency reasons, why should a dog see a pet, dentist?

A.) Dogs are susceptible to gum disease, and not only is this painful for the animal, but it can cause the pet’s teeth to eventually become loose and fall out. In addition to cleaning the tartar off your dog’s teeth, the vet will examine every tooth and inspect the pet’s mouth for signs of tumors or other issues in the mouth.

Q.) How often should a dog see a veterinarian for a dental checkup?

A.) The frequency of visits to the pet dentist varies, and it depends on the dog’s age and the condition of the animal’s teeth. Some dogs that have major dental issues may need to see a veterinarian for Pet Dentistry in Fort Wayne Indiana once every six months. A dog that has healthy teeth and gums may only need to see a pet dentist once a year. After examining your dog’s teeth, the veterinarian will recommend a dental schedule for your dog.

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