Frequently Asked Questions About Swimming Pool Repair In Sacramento, CA

Owning a swimming pool is an enjoyable pastime, so when your pool needs to be fixed, you want to get it repaired as quickly as possible. Read the frequently asked questions below about pool problems before you contact a Swimming Pool Repair Sacramento CA, company to fix your pool.

Q.) How big of a problem is a leaky vinyl pool liner?

A.) When your vinyl pool liner begins to leak, you’ll need to get it fixed as soon as you can before the problem worsens. Vinyl liners can leak due to cuts or punctures in the material. As the water from your pool begins to leak through the liner, it accumulates behind the vinyl. Eventually, due to the weight of the water, it can pull the liner away from the rim of the pool. The force of the water can rip the liner from the edge and cause further damage to your pool. Click here for the best swimming pool repairs.

Q.) What is the cause of pool plumbing leaks?

A.) The plumbing system in your pool can leak from a number of locations. These include the suction lines, return lines, main drain or the pump. If the leak is in the main drain or the lines, the leak may be in a line that’s beneath your pool deck or underground. If the pump is leaking, you may be able to repair it yourself if it’s leaking from a connection. For major leaks, or if your pump is over seven years old, it may need to be replaced.

Q.) What can be done for cracking plaster in a concrete pool?

A.) Cracked plaster is not uncommon with older concrete pools. If the cracks in your plaster are small, you may be able to repair them yourself with a pool patching material. If you don’t want to attempt the repairs yourself, or if the cracks are large, contact a Swimming Pool Repair Sacramento CA, company to patch them for you.

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