Garage Door Making Strange Sounds? Call a Garage Door Service in Huntington WV

When a garage door starts to make squeaking or grinding noises, it’s time to call a garage door service in Huntington WV to repair it. Garage doors are made up of heavy components that work under extreme pressure. If they are not repaired properly, property can be damaged or a person could get hurt. When the repairman arrives, he will inspect the garage door hinges to make sure that they are lubricated and clean. The hinges connect the garage door panels and allow them to bend to move into the overhead position. Homeowners who live in a coastal community with salt air, may have to oil their hinges more frequently.

The garage door is pulled up to the ceiling by a steel cable that runs up a vertical guide attached to the wall on each side of the door. If the metal guide becomes warped or loose, the garage door opener has to work harder to pull up the door. Eventually the guide could separate from the wall and the garage door would stop working completely. If this occurred while the door was in operation, the door could fall on anyone walking under the door. The repairman from a garage door service in Huntington WV can easily tighten loose screws and prevent this from happening.

Garage door openers are rated according to the number of times they will open and close a garage door. As toddlers grow into teens, homeowners may have to upgrade their garage door openers to compensate for increased activity in the garage. They should not decide to save money by installing their own garage door opener. Garage door openers use springs to pull up the steel cable. All of these elements operate using large amounts of pressure. If the garage door opener is not attached to the ceiling and spring properly, it could fly off of the ceiling when in operation. The steel cable could also snap.

Industry guidelines recommend that the homeowner clean their hinges and garage doors at least every six months. Replacing worn parts can prevent emergency service calls. Homeowners can click here to learn more about maintaining and repairing their garage doors.

At Garage Door Operators Inc, we supply the highest quality garage doors for our customers in Huntington, WV.

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