General Dental Services Provided by a Family Dentist in Allentown PA

Maintaining good health is important to your overall health. Besides flossing and brushing, you can protect your dental health and that of your family by visiting your Family Dentist Allentown PA regularly for checkups. Even though it is recommended that people should get dental checkups every six months, your dentist may recommend more frequent or fewer dental visits based on your oral health history.

Other than routine dental care, there are other services offered by family dentists. These general dental services in Allentown, PA, are aimed at maintaining the health of your teeth, gums and mouth as well as that of your family. Here are those services:


Dentures are important for improving your smile and making it easier to eat and speak. If you have or need dentures, a good family dentist can offer great help, especially in deciding whether you need partial or complete replacement of your natural teeth.


If you or your family member is having worn, damaged or decayed teeth, a family dentist can repair by filling them. There are many restoration options, such as plastic, alloy, metal or porcelain, and the dentist will use what is best for you.

Root canals

Root canal therapy is one of the scariest dental procedures. When there is an injury or a disease with the dental pulp of the tooth, the dentist start by finding out what is wrong and figures out the best way to treat it. Normally, they remove the damaged or diseased pulp, clean the root canal and pulp chamber and then seal it. You don’t have to be scared of the pain associated with this procedure as most dental clinics offer sedation dentistry.


A sealant is a great way to fight against tooth decay in teeth that are vulnerable. Plastic resin is applied to the chewing surfaces of the patient’s teeth. The sealant bonds into the grooves and depressions of the molars and premolars, acting as a barrier against plaque, bacteria and acids.

These are some of the general services offered by Family Dentist Allentown PA. To get these and other family dentistry services, Visit Site at Nurture Dental Health, you can find the most experienced dentist in offering latest cosmetic, general, family and sedation dentistry services including implants, smile makeover as well as sleep dentistry.

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