Geographic Mapping Tool Helps Businesses and Residents

Goffstown: visit; invest; and prosper! Are you a new business owner looking to expand or a developer looking to start your next project? Then check out Goffstown’s Geographic Information System mapping tool (GIS maps). This free mapping tool, available to both business owners and residents, allows the user to overlay various geographic maps, giving the user a full picture of the community’s land features. Goffstown’s GIS maps can be found at

GIS maps can help identify important land parcel information that can make business expansion or commercial development projects go easier. Goffstown’s interactive GIS mapping tool provides parcel information such as property owner information, parcel address and parcel id. It also can quickly show Goffstown’s overlay maps, such as zoning, flood plain and wetland maps. Goffstown’s GIS maps can even show utility information, such as utility poles, hydrants, and sewer lines.

Goffstown is ready for business, and the GIS mapping tool can help the user understand what potential Goffstown has to offer for a growing business.

Goffstown, is the 7th largest community in the state with nearly 18,000 residents, is centrally located in New Hampshire and features a business friendly atmosphere. Goffstown is only 13 miles for the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport and is ten minutes from Manchester, NH, the state’s largest community. Located one hour from Boston and the Seacoast, Goffstown is a great place to visit, invest and prosper. For more information, visit us website

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