Get a Healthier Sausage in Georgia

By far the best way to experience the natural wonderful flavor of sausage is to get some authentic Georgia-made sausage. When you visit an experienced butcher that knows how to pull the greatest flavors out of the meat you can savor every single bite. Don’t settle for a manufactured taste with unneeded ingredients added. Get only the best sausage experience that the South has to offer.

The Problem with Sausage
The problem with a lot of sausages is that so many chemicals and fillers are added to compensate for a lack of taste. These additives are simply a way to fill out the flavor for a cheaply made product. Manufacturers add things like MSG, nitrates and artificial flavors to mask their production process. When you deal with a quality butcher, they will use a blend of spices and seasoning that will serve to enhance the flavor of the meat without the need of chemicals and fillers. You can give yourself the natural taste of the meat that is used that is only highlighted, not masked by what is added to it.

A Sausage for All Palettes
No matter your particular tastes you can find a sausage in Macon, GA, that will delight your palate. If your particular tastes lean more to a smoky flavor then clearly a slow smoked sausage is for you. If you like a sausage that has a spicy kick to it, you may wish to try jalapeno cheese sausage. From the mild to the hot–whatever your desire–you will find what you are looking for.

A Company Built on its Sausage
Stripling’s General Store has literally built their business on their famous sausages. Since 1964 they have perfected their recipe for the most incredible taste in the entire state. Contact them today and let them tell you about the different flavors they can offer. You will fall in love with the their products and immediately notice the difference between them and every other sausage you’ve ever had.

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