Get a Sinsational Smile at the Topeka KS Family Dental Clinic

Everyone wants to have a gorgeous smile, but many are unable to because they have yellow or stained teeth. While at one time the only options were bleaching treatments, there are many other tooth whitening options available today. One of these options is to have sinsational smile treatments. This is a safe procedure that does not affect the enamel on teeth.

There are many reasons to visit a dentist to have one’s teeth whitened. For instance, certain foods and beverages will stain teeth. Smoking in general is bad for one’s health, and is one of the leading causes of yellowed teeth. One can reverse the effects by opting to have a tooth whitening treatment.

There are some types of staining that can’t be treated by any type of tooth whitening treatment, including Sinsational Smile. The professionals at the family dental clinic in Topeka KS will be able to tell patients if they are good candidates for tooth whitening.

Generally, those who have teeth that have been stained due to medications they were taking, or decalcification, will not respond well to tooth whitening. Neither will those who were born with teeth that are grayish in color, because this is natural and not stains that can be bleached out. Dentists will also not recommend whitening treatments for women who are pregnant or nursing. It is also not recommended for children younger than 14 years to have tooth whitening treatments.

Depending on the degree of whiteness one wants for their teeth, it could take a few visits to achieve that whiteness. In most cases, patients will notice an improvement in the brightness of their smiles after the first treatment at the family dental clinic in Topeka KS. The length of time the results last depends on individual patients.

Those who smoke, or consume foods that are known to stain teeth are going to find that their tooth whitening doesn’t last as long as it does for other people. Once they have achieved the whiteness they want, many people receive regular treatments in order to keep stains from coming back. To learn more about sinsational smile, and other services offered, visit

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