Get Help Resolving Child Custody Issues in Long Island NY

Two people love each other. They make what they consider to be permanent decisions and swear to remain married as long as they “both shall live.” At some point and time in some relationships, things begin to go terribly wrong and their love begins to fall apart. This is such a sad situation as it causes so much pain for people who at one time held so much hope. The disaster becomes more profound when innocent children become involved. Innocent children find that their once secure, happy home filled with security begins to crumble. It is imperative for couples who come to the point of divorce remember that their top priority must remain the children that they as parents created.

The child custody laws for the state of New York are very specific, thus the attorneys working on Child Custody Long Island NY issues must follow those laws. The parents are responsible under most instances in New York to be responsible for children until the age of 21. This includes finances, residence, and food and clothing. Therefore, child custody issues are under consideration for three years longer than many other states.


Parents are strongly encouraged not to let children get caught in the middle of divorce issues. All too often this is the case. If parents are going to fight and argue, make sure the children are not hearing the fight. This will last their entire life, including their ability to function in relationships. They may one day find themselves dealing with Child Custody Long Island NY.

Child support issues are often a fight that lasts long after the gavel has fallen in the courtroom. Again, this is a case where the parents forget where their priorities need to be. Parents need to meet with attorneys, bring all necessary legal papers, proof of income, have realistic expectations on the former spouse, and come to a conclusion as to who can best handle the residential custody of the child. The non-residential parent can also be a custodial (shared) parent, and visitation needs to be worked out and followed up by both. If this does not happen, it is essential to contact the attorney for child custody Long Island NY. Someone has to be the advocate for the child. If the parents cannot do it, then sadly the legal system must!

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