Get Professional Cesspool Pumping in Hawaii to Avoid Flooding and Other Issues

Whereas septic systems discharge water into a drain field, cesspool wastewater percolates into the soil through perforated walls. Other cesspools are completely watertight, but in either case, you will need to have your cesspool emptied to avoid flooding and other issues. Cesspool pumping is something that you will have to call a professional for, either due to a lack of equipment or to comply with state regulations.

Whenever you need to have your cesspool emptied, cleaned, or inspected, you can contact the professionals at Valley Isle Pumping. A specialist will be able to update you on the condition of your cesspool and help you keep it functional for as long as possible.

Why Does the Cesspool Need to Be Pumped?

The one thing you want to avoid with a cesspool and septic tanks in general is an overflow. Overflowing cesspools can lead to back-ups inside the home as well as flooding outside the home. When cesspool sludge rises too high, wastewater saturates the surrounding soil until it eventually reaches the surface, but cesspool pumping in Hawaii can prevent this from happening.

You should also empty the cesspool to avoid expensive repairs and potential hazards in the future. The frequency at which you need to pump your cesspool will depend on its size and the number of residents in your household.

Why Call a Professional?

Even if you were able to pump out your own system, you would still have to decide what to do with the sludge. For safety and environmental reasons, however, it’s usually best to call a professional. Cesspool pumping professionals have the trucks and the facilities to deal with wastewater and sludge effectively, and they can also inspect your system to update you on its condition. You can also connect with them on Facebook.

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