Get the Help of a Truck Accident Lawyer in Champaign, IL

When a car and truck collide, the car is most certainly the vehicle that will suffer the most damage. A truck’s size can cause the car driver to be seriously injured. Though most truck drivers do all they can to obey the rules of the road and stay safe, some are careless and operate their vehicles unsafely. When a person has been injured due to the carelessness, negligence, or incompetence of a truck driver, it is important for the victim to hire a truck accident lawyer in Champaign, IL. With the help of a lawyer, an injured victim can receive the legal help they need to pursue their claim without much stress.

A truck accident lawyer is crucial when there are serious injuries and damages. A lawyer will work to expose the underlying causes of the accident so proper evidence can be submitted. Since personal injury claims require the injured party to be able to produce ample evidence to prove fault, it is important that the injured person works with a lawyer to protect their rights and to receive guidance in their pursuit of compensation.

The first step in pursuing an accident claim against a truck driver involves dealing with the insurance company. Unfortunately, dealing with insurance companies is not always easy. Insurance adjusters are notorious for trying to settle for lower amounts than claims are truly worth. If the insurance company is not being fair, there is always the option of filing a complaint in court and pursuing a trial.

Trials are typically more difficult to pursue, but they can offer a higher level of compensation, should an injured person win the case. If liability is found on the side of the defense, the injured party can receive compensation for pain and suffering, and even for punitive damages.

If you have been seriously injured in an accident involving a trucker, contact Schum Law. With the help of an attorney, people can pursue their claim with the insurance company or through trial. Call the attorney today and ask the office to schedule you a consultation appointment so you can get started on pursuing your claim. They will help you through every step of the process.

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