Getting a more attractive smile

New York smile makeoverA New York smile makeover consists of dental procedures that result in a straighter, more eye-catching smile. There is a tendency for those people who have teeth which are not perfectly white or perfectly aligned to feel self-conscious, and as a result they tend to hide their smile. Other people are embarrassed that they have one or more missing teeth or old amalgam fillings that are obvious. These are the types of dental issues that some people have and rather than embarrass themselves they tend not to laugh or smile in the presence of others, there are even those who avoid having a picture taken of them they are so upset with their poor smile.

There is no need for this; there are a number of dental procedures that anyone can have which treat the teeth and gums, the number of different procedures  that he or she may need all depends on the problems the person has and every case is unique. In some cases it is necessary to straighten crooked teeth; perhaps there are teeth that overlap one another and they need to be repositioned. Many people who have considerable gaps between their teeth are hesitant to smile. If a person has one or more missing teeth these can now be replaced with artificial teeth which look and feel perfectly natural.

For many people a New York smile makeover rids the teeth of stains; as time goes by teeth can become quite unsightly as they become stained from certain foods and beverages. People who tend to drink a considerable amount of coffee or tea or those who smoke usually have difficulties in keeping their teeth white. Part of the smile makeover is to treat the teeth with a whitening process. In some cases a person may have too much gum showing when they smile, this problem can be simply eliminated by contouring the gums, even those unsightly amalgam fillings can be removed and replaced with color matched filling material.

The whole process of getting a New York smile makeover starts when you call and make an appointment with a cosmetic dentist. The dentist will first evaluate the state of your dental health and then discuss with you what options are available to give you the smile that you want. Once you tell the cosmetic dentist what it is you are looking for and what your concerns are, the dentist can lay out a plan to give you the smile you want.

Dr. Shekib practices cosmetic dentistry and can give you are complete New York smile makeover. With all the advances in cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Shekib can change an unpleasant smile into a beautiful smile in a matter of just a few visits.

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