Getting A Septic System Repair in Milton DE When Water Is Backing Up Into Your Home

If someone flushes an item down the toilet that was not biodegradable, they may find their entire system shuts down due to an obstruction in the piping line or motor. This can cause a lot of damages both inside the home and outside in piping system. This is a time when getting a septic system repair in Milton DE is imminent.

The septic service will go to the home and assess the septic system to see what steps will need to be taken to alleviate the clog. First, they will pump out the septic tank in its entirety. This will help them determine which portion of the system is in need of repair, and it will help them eliminate a clean out as the cause for the water backup. In most cases a clean out will not be enough to stop the water from backing up into the home. The rest of the piping system will need to be assessed.

The motor will be replaced with a new one if the old one has seized due to over-exertion. This is often the result that happens when a non-biodegradable item is not able to be pushed through the piping system. One of the pipes may have burst, causing a septic material to seep into the yard. The septic service will try to find the area where the non-biodegradable item is located so the pipes will be unobstructed.

If the item cannot be found, and the pipes do not appear to be damaged, the septic service will turn back on the water to see what happens when water is used in the home. It may take a week or two for the septic tank to refill again if the obstruction is still present. If the septic service had dislodged the material or if a simple clean out was all that was needed, the septic tank will not fill up right away making the Septic System Repair Milton DE a success.

If someone needs further information about septic repair, they can call a reputable service for help. Visit McMullen Septic Service to make an appointment for a septic evaluation if necessary.

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