Getting Help Every Step Of The Bail Bonds In Mason City Iowa

If this is your first time dealing with Mason City Bail Bonds then the entire process may seem a little scary for you. The process is quite simple and hiring a professional in this area can help take the emotion out of the arrest for you. You should be told about how the process works and get help every step of the way. This will ensure that you know everything from the arrest, the arraignment, to the judge and to the setting of the bail and that you have someone in your corner that is trying to help you.

First, if you have contacted a bail bonds company as soon as the arrest has been made then the process is pretty standard and they should be able to walk you through it. After the arrest the police supervisor or a judge sets a bail amount. Next, the arraignment and the surety bail bond amount is posted. The defendant at that time may be released until it is time for the defendant to appear in court.

If this is all new to you then you are probably wondering what takes place in an arraignment and again, a Bail bonds Mason City Iowa professional will be able to inform you. This is where the bail bonds company does its work. Whatever the bail has been set at, the bonds company will pay the premium, or a percentage of the bill. Typically the premium is set at 10% of anything up to $5,000 and 7% over that amount. The premium is non-refundable and that is the amount the client will be paying back with interest.

As you most likely already know, if you do not have the money for the full bond payment then you should seek the help of Mason City Bail Bonds. If this option is still too much to pay then you are looking at the accused to be held in jail until the court case has been settled. There are payment plans that can be used in certain circumstances as well. If you want to see the defendant out of jail, using a bail bonds company will help you every step of the way.

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