Getting Prepared With Truck Accident Lawyers in Upper Marlboro, MD

In Maryland, trucking accidents are caused by a variety of circumstances that aren’t always the fault of any driver. This is why all trucking accidents require investigations to find the cause of the accident. Investigators need to determine if an OSHA or FMCSA violation was involved. Truck accident lawyers in Upper Marlboro MD represent victims of trucking accidents.

Contacting Law Enforcement

All accidents require law enforcement to review the circumstances and create an accident report. An accident report is always required for trucking accidents. Law enforcement assesses the accident on a preliminary basis and determines who caused the accident. Witnesses explained to the officers what they saw happen.

Launching an Investigation

The truck is impounded and inspected. The step is necessary for all truck accidents and determines if any underlying conditions caused the accident. The driver is required to follow all Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations while operating the vehicle. Any violations lead to further liabilities for the trucking company if their driver caused the accident.

Working with the Trucking Company’s Insurance Provider

The trucking company files an insurance claim if their driver caused the accident to cover expenses incurred by victims. If the driver was the victim, the trucking company will seek damages from the at-fault driver. However, commercial driver-related injuries are also covered under worker’s compensation as long as the driver was performing work duties at the time of the accident.

Filing A Legal Claim

The victim of a trucking accident is within their rights to file a lawsuit if the trucking company doesn’t provide compensation. Economic damages are provided for financial losses and noneconomic damages are also pursued. Any severe injuries lead to more substantial awards. Families who lost their loved one in a trucking accident have the right to file a wrongful death lawsuit in some instances.

In Maryland, trucking accidents lead to serious injuries and damage. The events often include several vehicles and occur most often on interstates. Exhausted driving is a common reason for the accidents. Victims who want to learn more about the laws can contact us to speak with truck accident lawyers in Upper Marlboro MD about starting a case now.

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