Getting The Best Custom Hat Embroidery Service

Most people that are put in charge of hiring someone to do their custom hat embroidery are not experts at either design or custom embroidery. This is why it is so essential to work with a company that has the expertise and experience to guide you through the design finalization process and then produce the perfect caps for your company, group, team or special event.

Unfortunately, there are lots of companies offering embroidery for caps, shirts and other items that have limited experience in creating beautiful final products. These companies typically will simply accept any design sent in, even if it is not suitable for the specific cap or hat selection.

With a professional company focusing on embroidery for all types of companies, businesses, organizations and teams, common issues and mistakes can be easily avoided. This will ensure that the cap and design you choose are the perfect combination based on the final look you want to achieve.

Sizing of the Logo and Font

With custom hat embroidery the size of the logo and the size of the font is going to be a critical factor. Too large of a logo will not fit correctly above the brim of the cap and will give the hat the look of being pushed forward and up.

This is particularly an issue with the sleeker looking golf types of caps that fit closely to the head. With the trucker style or flat bill style of caps with stand-up front panels, a larger logo is more suitable and will look balanced.

The font also has to be carefully selected. A font that is too small is difficult to impossible to read while font that is too large is going to overshadow any logo or graphic you want to add.

Color Choices

Depending on the look you wish to achieve, and the specific graphics, logo and design you want on the cap, you can choose a simple two color design option. Selecting a cap and then also selecting a thread color that contrasts is a great idea to really make the embroidery stand out.

For dark color caps choosing a metallic or a light colored thread is a good option while for the lighter colored caps a dark thread really stands out.

Of course, you can also choose a multicolor thread option for your image, design or logo. The design team with the company completing the custom hat embroidery can provide suggestions for the most effective color options based on the design and the cap color.

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