Getting Your Windshield Replaced

Accidents come out of absolutely nowhere, and often, they’ll leave your car battered and bruised. One of the more common property damages among car accidents is the windshield. Aside from protecting you against the wind, this pane of glass is also designed to shatter safely and, ideally, protect you from harm in the case of an accident or falling/flying object.

Right after an accident has happened, however, it’s important to remove and replace the broken windshield. While that may seem like a very simple task, there are certain considerations you have to take before you head to the auto shop in order to get yourself a sturdy replacement windshield.

1. Is the Shop Certified?

As per, before 2011, the National Glass Association gave out certifications to auto shops installing auto glass, in order to preserve an absolute golden standard for glass quality and adhesive quality as well as the time and attention spent to ensuring that the final product will indeed protect you where it counts.

After 2011, the NGA passed on its certification rights to the Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standards Council. If your auto shop is a reputable expert at Denver auto glass replacement like A+ Auto Glass, and either NGA or AGRSS certified, you’re good to go.

2. Will You Be Driving Soon?

It’s important to talk to your mechanic or technician about how soon you need to be on the road again. Glass panes, especially windshields, aren’t screwed onto a car – they’re fastened through the use of specialized adhesives, which have to take their time to cure properly.

Be sure that your windshield is secure and your adhesive has fully cured before taking your car out for a spin again.

3. What’s the Glass Quality Like?

The final step to quality windshield installation is simple: glass quality. Do not be tempted to cut corners on an aftermarket product. Insist on original quality glass. Otherwise, you risk not just property damage, but more harm to yourself the next time an accident occurs.

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