Google Nexus 4 Phone Covers Are Claiming a Spot in the Phone Protection Field

While most people would think that the idea of protecting a smartphone with its own unique back or display covers would be easy to do, there are still some stubborn individuals who will not protect the expensive technology. Some smartphone owners insist that they do not like the weight the case adds to their lighter-than-light electronic.

Cases Protect and Are Known to Damage Phones Too

Other smartphone users claim that cases may protect a smartphone, but they are known to damage the talk piece too. If you are not careful, debris and dirt can seep insidiously between the case and the phone, all which has been known to scratch phone’s finish.

Therefore, some people do not take many steps if any to safeguard their exorbitantly high-priced phone. However, that being said, you should still look at a supplier who can deck your phone out in the latest covering for the display or back of the phone.

Insurance Is High-priced Too

While some people do not want to replace their Google Nexus 4 phone covers frequently (due to smudges and dirt and the frequent expense), they soon will change their mind if their phone turns up lost or takes a tumble down a long flight of steps. Insuring your phone can be pricey too – very pricey. Therefore, it is still better to opt for the cover, even if some dirt does seep through the protection and onto your expensive electronic.

Breaking Down the Costs of Insurance Coverage

Insurance coverage for a smartphone is indeed on the high end of the telephone bill-paying scale and usually costs around $240 annually. That is $20/month for insurance or coverage that carries a $199 deductible. Therefore, if you ever need to repair the phone, you have to pay the initial $200 of the total coverage for a repair. That probably will take up the lion’s share of the expense. Plus you are already paying $200/month to cover the monthly premium.

Therefore, if anyone tells you that a case is not worth protecting your expensive smartphone, turn a deaf ear to the remark. Some people lament that cases get in the way of docking the phone. Again, ignore such a lack of sentiment. It simply makes good sense to carry the phone as thieves take phones to the tune of billions of dollars annually.

Buy a Cover and Maintain a Firmer Grip on Your Smartphone Technology

That’s because, when the covering is not used, a phone’s surface can be very smooth, almost slick to the touch. No wonder there are so many mishaps when smartphones are used. Take the best preventative measure now and obtain one or more Google Nexus 4 phone covers or another smartphone brand case to match your technology.

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