Guardian Alert 911 System: Maximum Peace of Mind, Minimal Cost

Picture this scenario for a moment. Your elderly father lives all alone now ever since your mother passed away last year. He wants to keep living in the house in which he raised his family, but you are worried about him living all by himself. His health and strength are not what they used to be, and his mobility is deteriorating. He also suffers from high blood pressure. What if he has a heart attack or stroke when he is all by himself? Time is of the essence when getting someone medical attention after a heart attack or stroke. So, what if you do not realize he needs help until it is too late? What if he slips or falls and lays there in pain on the cold, hard floor for days? Fortunately, there is a solution that will give you peace of mind, while allowing your father to continue enjoying his independence. The answer is a Guardian Alert 911 System.

What is a Guardian Alert 911 System?

A Guardian Alert 911 system is medical alert equipment for the elderly. The system comes with a base unit and a pendant. Simply plug the base unit into an electrical outlet and active the telephone landline. The Guardian Alert 911 system is pre-programmed to dial 911 when the alarm is activated. To activate the alarm, the user presses the button on the pendant he or she wears around their neck. The alarm will automatically dial the user’s local 911 emergency dispatcher when activated. Even more impressively, the Guardian 911 emergency alert system is the first personal alarm that allows for two-way voice communication through the pendant. This means the user can talk to emergency personnel to explain exactly what is wrong while the ambulance is on its way.

Guardian Alert 911 System Features

The Suresafe Guardian Alert 911 system offers protection and peace of mind all over the user’s house. With a range of up to 600 feet from the base station, the pendant will even work in the front or back yard. And, it is water resistant too, meaning the user can wear it in the bathtub or shower. This medical alert device comes with everything you need right in the box, including the base unit, the pendant, pendant battery, lanyard, belt clip, wrist strap, power plug, phone wire, phone line splitter, and user manual.

Perhaps most importantly, the Guardian Alert 911 system is affordable. You pay a low, one-time charge for the unit and that is it. There are no monthly fees, service charges, or contracts. Visit to order your Guardian Alert 911 system today!

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