Gutter Guards in Blue Ash OK Make Tenants and Landlords Happy

Those who rent their homes enjoy numerous benefits. From more space to increased privacy, for some people, renting a home is better than living in an apartment. However, with these advantages come additional responsibilities. In most cases, tenants are responsible for regular maintenance tasks such as shrub trimming and lawn care, but jobs such as gutter maintenance are less clear. When they’re not cleaned and damage occurs, who is responsible? Below, both sides of the argument are explained.

It’s the Tenant’s Job

When someone lives in a home and treats it like their own, they’re expected to maintain it. Just like trimming the hedges and cutting the grass, cleaning the gutters is part of routine maintenance. If the lease specifies landscaping care or regular exterior upkeep, it may be construed that the tenant should clean the gutters as well.

It’s the Landlord’s Responsibility

One compelling argument that it’s the landlord’s job is that they repair the roof and keep the exterior of the home in good condition. Similarly, the landlord should clean the gutters, because they’re part of the roof. Many landlords are reluctant to assume the liability of sending a tenant up a ladder to do such a risky task.

How Can a Potential Tenant Find Out?

If the lease hasn’t yet been signed, make sure the responsibility is clearly outlined in the terms and conditions. Of course, if it’s already been signed, calling the landlord is the easiest way to find out. If a tenant doesn’t feel like it should be their job, Gutter Guards Blue Ash OH may be a good compromise. It’s important to form a good relationship with the landlord, and in some cases, they may be willing to share the cost of installation.

A Local Gutter Installer Will Help

If a tenant or landlord doesn’t want to worry about whose job it is to clean the gutters, call Mid-Miami Roofing Inc for more details. When it comes to keeping the gutters clean (and everyone happy), Gutter Guards Blue Ash OH is the perfect solution. Click Here for more details or call today to request an estimate.

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