Have You Talked to a Landscaper in Stamford, CT About Snow Removal?

Even the sound of the wind hitting the glass pane made one shiver. Outside, the temperature was 20 degrees, and the landscape was covered in a thick white blanket. As Joe surveyed the scene outside his storefront, he thought it looked like the world was in a deep sleep – a sleep that could negatively affect what he made as a hardware retailer.

Don’t Let a Snowfall Shut Down Your Operations

While he had a blade affixed to the front of his Ford pick-up truck, he knew it wasn’t enough. If he wanted to keep the wheels of commerce churning, he needed to contact a business that handled commercial snow removal in his area. A friend, Annette, who operated a salon a couple door down, suggested that Joe contact a landscaper in Stamford, CT.

Joe took Annette’s suggestion, and was glad he did. He wanted to find a company that had no tolerance for heavy snow – one that had experience removing the white stuff from large and small properties. He also wanted to make sure that the equipment used by the landscaper was made to really remove snow, not just shove it aside and pack it down.

Whether you operate a 24-hour business, or are open for set hours each day, you still need to open your parking lot on snow days. If you use the services of the right landscaper, you will not have any problems attracting customers on snow-covered winter days.

A professional company that takes care of this type of work, typically shows up at a site about 30 minutes before it starts snowing to pretreat a lot with snow-melting solutions. By taking this approach, a lot will continue to remain clear during and after a snowfall.

Would you like to find out more about snow removal for your commercial or residential property? If so, contact us today. We will provide you with all the details on winter snow removal services.

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