Have Your Heater Inspected and Repaired Before Winter Begins

As winter approaches, it’s important for your heater to be performing at its best. When your heater stops working you sacrifice comfort. But even if your heater hasn’t completely malfunctioned yet, it could be showing signs of needing repairs. Having your heater inspected and repaired can help you stay warm and save money during the winter. Continue reading to learn more about heater repair in Austin TX.

Maintenance and Inspection

Regular maintenance and inspection of your furnace can help keep it running longer. Parts of your heater that should be checked regularly include your blower and draft motor, pressure switches, safety switches, thermostats, circuit boards, transformers and relays. Technicians should also check for gas leaks and for any leaks in your ducts.

Common Problems

There are some common problems you may experience with your heater. Lack of maintenance is one of the biggest contributors to problems with your furnace. Dirty filters and general wear and tear on your furnace can also cause heating issues. Problems with your ignition switch or your pilot can also cause your heater to not run properly.

Symptoms of Furnace Problems

When your furnace is not heating at all or not keeping your home warm enough, you know right away that there is something wrong with your heater. But there are other signs you can watch out for to help you get your furnace repaired before you have to replace it altogether. If your furnace seems louder than it should be, you should get it inspected to find the problem. You may notice your furnace continuously cycling or your blower constantly running. These are other signs that there is a problem with your heater.

Contact for More Information

We can help you with your furnace inspection and repair services. For more information on heater repair in Austin TX visit the website today.

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