Help From a Chiropractor for Degenerative Disc Back Pain in Clarksville TN

Treatment for Back Pain in Clarksville TN due to degenerative disc disease may be most effective when it includes both conventional and complementary therapies. The patient will likely want to continue seeking help from his or her primary medical doctor but may add chiropractic care to the treatment regimen. Degenerative disc disease is a form of arthritis that affects the spinal cord. It can cause thinning of the soft discs between vertebral bones, which leads to pressure on the nerves and pain. Degeneration of the bone structure also can cause pain when discs slip out from between the bones, a condition commonly called a bulging or slipped disc. Chiropractic care is intended to provide important benefits for these problems.

Spinal adjustments may help Back Pain in Clarksville TN if the musculoskeletal system has become out of alignment, which is entirely possible when a patient has this disorder. The discomfort leads the person to change the way he or she sits, stands and walks, which can put an imbalance of pressure on the back, neck and hips. Decompression therapy is a form of traction that helps ease ruptured discs back into place. The method expands the spaces between vertebrae. Manual hands-on stretching may be advisable as well.

Devices such as deep-heat ultrasound therapy equipment and trans-cutaneous electrical nerve stimulation also may be used at a clinic such as Ft. Campbell Chiropractic to decrease pain. These techniques can help reduce inflammation, muscle spasms, and stiffness. Ultrasound increases healthy circulation, while nerves respond positively to this gentle type of stimulation.

In addition, holistic strategies often are recommended by chiropractors, as they view the entire body as a whole entity. The chiropractic doctor may want to know about the patient’s eating habits, and unhealthy behaviors like smoking tobacco or spending most hours of the day sitting. Changes in diet, elimination of unhealthy substances and more exercise can have a remarkable positive effect on back pain. Participating in exercises that don’t strain the back is essential; chiropractors may recommend specific options that are known to be helpful for relieving discomfort.

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