Helpful Information on Teeth Whitening in NYC

With so many cosmetic dental procedures now available, there is no reason for people to be stuck with issues that cause them to feel self-conscious about their smiles. One of the biggest reasons people seek treatment from a cosmetic dentist is because they are not happy with the color of their teeth. As you grow older, your teeth can become darkened and yellowed. You can also experience staining from smoking, drinking red wine and even eating certain types of foods. If your teeth have become stained and discolored, you can have Teeth Whitening in NYC. These treatments can whiten your teeth and remove the stains that cause your smile to look less attractive, so you can feel more confident in your appearance.

What are Your Options for Getting Your Teeth Whitened?

* Traditional whitening treatments are one of the most common provided by your dentist. This Teeth Whitening in NYC involves the use of a whitening solution containing the main ingredient of hydrogen peroxide. This solution can remove years worth of staining, bringing your teeth to their natural level of whiteness. In some cases, this can be accomplished in one treatment, while many people will need multiple treatments. The amount of treatments you will require will depend on how advanced your staining issues are.

* Bleaching treatments are also a popular choice for whitening your teeth. Unlike traditional whitening, bleaching can take your teeth beyond their natural level of whiteness, through the use of carbamide peroxide. Bleaching treatments can remove the deepest of stains and give you the dramatically white teeth you long for.

* In some cases, teeth whitening procedures are not fully effective. This is especially true if you have minor damage to your teeth. In this case, the dentist can cover your teeth with a white resin. This resin seals your tooth and covers any stains and minor areas of damage. It can then be smoothed and polished, so your teeth are perfected.

If you are ready to learn more about teeth whitening, They can help to keep your teeth and gums healthy and help you to achieve the smile you have always wanted.

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