Helpful Tips for Choosing an Overnight Doggy Daycare for Your Dog

Gone are the days when the family dog was merely a pet. Dogs today are members of the family. If you have a cherished pup, you want him to have the highest quality of life. Perhaps nowhere is this truer than when your dog is away from you. Here are some helpful tips for choosing an overnight doggy daycare for your pooch.

The most important consideration when choosing an overnight pet care facility is finding one that is safe. When you are selecting an overnight retreat for your pup, plan to visit the facility on few separate occasions at different times of the day. When you visit the facility, check to see if it is meeting the physiological needs of all the pets there. Do the dogs have access to water?  Is there sufficient room for exercise?  Are attendants promptly removing animal waste products?  You would be surprised at the amount of information you can learn from an overnight doggy daycare just by looking around.

You also want to find a pet care facility that has a passion for animals. You should choose a daycare that is famous for its animal care expertise. Similarly, you might want to find it a with access to emergency veterinary care, should your pooch get sick during his stay.

Finally, you want to find an overnight day care that is affordable. In the pet care industry, it isn’t always true that you get what you pay for. You want your dog to have high-quality care, but unnecessarily paying hidden costs don’t benefit your pet. Your dog’s daycare should be able to explain to you what each charge covers, and you should be able to see a benefit from your payment.

Doggy daycare facilities are popping up everywhere. If you follow these helpful tips for choosing an overnight doggy daycare for your dog, you will find a place where Fido can relax while you are out of town.

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