Helpful Tips for Selecting Carpeting in Lawrence KS

Adding Carpeting in Lawrence KS to your home can help to create a luxurious and cozy space. Carpet is also quite easy to maintain, affordable and has a quick installation process. It is also versatile and offered in any color or texture you can image to add that perfect, finishing touch to your space. However, the large number of different Carpeting in Lawrence KS options can make it difficult to find the right one for your needs. Some tips that will help you choose the perfect carpeting for your space are highlighted here.


The most important factor to consider is the long-term durability of the carpet you are looking to purchase. However, there is more to durability than just how the carpet feels and the brand name. Durability is related to:

    • How the carpet has been constructed
    • They composition of the fiber
    • The density or thickness of the carpet

The density of the carpet refers to how close the carpet’s fiber strands are to one another. A dense carpet will be able to stand up straight, crushing less.

Resistance to Stains

Another important factor to consider when purchasing Carpeting in Lawrence KS is how stain resistant the carpet is. There are several different options for stain resistance of carpeting, including:

    • Inherent stain resistance: This is carpet composed of fibers that will not absorb foreign liquids
    • Stain treatment: All types of carpet are composed of fibers and when they are treated with a stain treatment, it will be able to better repel stains.

Carpet Cost

When purchasing carpet, one of the first things you will consider is the cost. How much do you have to spend? When you determine this you will be able to eliminate any carpet options that are too much for your budget.

If you would like more information on purchasing carpet, contact Capital City Flooring Inc. Here you can talk with professionals in the carpet business and they can help you select the right type of carpet for your needs. This will minimize the possibility of getting the wrong type of carpet for your space and budget.

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