Hiring A DUI Lawyer In Reading, PA To Fight A Conviction

A DUI Lawyer in Reading, PA enables the accused to fight this criminal infraction. In a DUI case, it is vital that your attorney is aware of any previous DUI or other convictions you possess. A previous record could result in a higher classification of DUI charge. For instance, in most states, a fourth DUI conviction is considered a felony. If you are facing a DUI charge, it is imperative that you secure legal counsel immediately.

Alternative Sentencing

For first-offenses, a judge may consider allowing anyone accused of a DUI charge with an alternative to a criminal conviction. A plead bargain that is only available to first-time offenders requires that the accused participate in a drug or alcohol treatment program. The judge may assign additional stipulations such as community service. Other restrictions such as house arrest may apply depending upon the severity of the charge. Click here for more info

Violations of Plead Bargains

Anyone who fails to comply with the court orders that are listed within a plead bargain will face strict punishments. Failure to complete all assigned treatment programs and community services may result in immediate arrest and conviction of the original charge. The conviction will include the maximum sentence for the charge.

DUI Counsel

Ebner, Nevins, and McAllister represent cases related to family and criminal law. These attorneys provide you with a criminal defense when you are facing DUI or other criminally-based charges. If you wish to file for a divorce or acquire child custody these attorneys can provide assistance. If you need a DUI Lawyer in Reading, PA, they can provide you with an effective criminal defense. To schedule a consultation, you should contact this law firm through their local number.

Your preferred DUI Lawyer in Reading, PA presents you with assistance in fighting against your criminal charge. He or she reviews your case to determine whether the prosecution has a solid case against you. With a first-offense DUI charge, you may receive an alternative to a conviction. These plead bargains require that you plead guilty and participate in a treatment program. If this program is available to you, your attorney will discuss this matter with the judge.

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