Hiring a DWI Attorney in Nassau County, NY for an Infraction That Is Not a Simple Traffic Violation

Normally, the priority of a DWI attorney in Nassau County, NY is to convince the prosecution to reduce charges or a judge to dismiss the case. However, the lawyer discusses all the possible legal options with the client in case those two goals cannot be accomplished.

The Law Enforcement Stop

Driving while intoxicated is not a simple traffic violation. However, many times law enforcement stops drivers is a violation of the driver’s rights. That’s because police officers cannot stop a driver simply because they suspect the person is intoxicated. They must have a sound reason to do so. The driver might have been weaving from lane to lane, turned right when signaling left, or stopped and waited at a flashing yellow light.

Under those circumstances, the police officer can stop the driver and evaluate whether or not the person seems too intoxicated to be legally driving. A breath test verifies that the blood alcohol content is too high. If it is, the individual will be arrested and brought to a precinct, jail, or another location where officers take drivers in this condition. It can be very difficult for a person to fight a charge of driving under the influence of alcohol without a DWI attorney in Nassau County, NY.

Questioning the Driver

If the police want to question a person they arrested beyond the most basic inquiries, they must read the the individual their Miranda Rights. Basic questions typically include whether the person has been drinking, how many drinks have been consumed, and where the person is going. If they have no questions that would constitute an investigation, they can complete their arrest and have the person booked into jail unless they can pay bail immediately and have a sober person provide a ride home.

Being convicted of driving while intoxicated, especially if this is a repeat offense, can have very serious consequences. The person could lose their job if jail time is required. Custody of children can be switched to the other parent. Anyone who needs legal representation for this charge may visit the website of the Law Offices of Joseph J. Perrini, III.

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