Hiring A Lawyer For A Social Security Disability Hearing In Dallas

In the Dallas area, as well as around the country, the majority of initial Social Security Disability applications are denied. Nationally, about 67% of first-time applications are rejected, often due to incomplete medical documentation, lack of specific information, or even incorrectly completed forms.

If you are in Dallas and you receive a denial letter for your claim, you should immediately contact a lawyer for Social Security Disability. These professionals should provide a free consultation, and then represent clients on a contingency basis. This means, if you do not win your appeal, you are not charged for legal services.

Additionally, a lawyer for Social Security Disability is paid out of the settlement. The amount the lawyer is paid is capped by law, and it is a one-time payment, making it easy for anyone to afford legal representation.

The Appeals Process After a Denial Letter

The initial call or consultation visit with the lawyer for Social Security Disability provides you with an understanding of the process. The first step is an appeal through a reconsideration process, which is a review of the application and denial.

Next, a hearing by an Administrative Law Judge will occur. This is not a lengthy hearing and may be as short as 30 minutes to an hour. In this time, the judge hears from medical experts as well as a vocational expert, and sometimes from witnesses your attorney requests to attend.

These are relatively information types of hearings, and the judge asks questions directly to both the individual as well as the witnesses. Your attorney also speaks on your behalf to present your case, and may also ask specific questions to help to highlight the condition and the limitations on your ability to find work given the health issues you face.

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