Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney In Bethlehem, PA For A Premise’s Liability Case

Pennsylvania consumers visit locations such as shopping malls, offices, and other publicly-accessible areas each day. They have the right to expect these locations to be safe for them to visit at any time. However, if the party responsible for maintaining these areas fails to comply with safety regulations, the consumers could sustain injuries that are avoidable. A Personal Injury Attorney in Bethlehem PA, is here to help these consumers with a premise’s liability claim.

What Caused the Accident?

The most common causes for premise’s liabilities claims is a lack of structural maintenance. These publicly-accessible areas require maintenance to prevent occurrences such as slips and falls. In a shopping center, the employees of each business must maintain clear paths throughout their stores. This includes following cleaning procedures for chemical or product spills.

Areas such as public parks are maintained by local authorities. The maintenance required for these areas includes trimming the grass, removing tree limbs, and repairing equipment. If the official doesn’t maintain these areas, consumers have grounds to file a lawsuit if they become injured.

How Did the Owner Fail the Plaintiff?

The plaintiff identified in a lawsuit has failed to provide a duty by maintaining the building. According to local laws, business owners must place warning signs in areas where risks exist. They are also required to repair any damage that could lead to injuries in these areas. If they fail to accommodate these requirements, they are accountable for the victim’s injuries.

Identifying the True Defendant

Initially, the property owner is the defendant. However, if the property is leased to another party, the tenant is responsible for these requirements. However, if the terms of the lease define terms that link responsibility to the owner, they are accountable.

Pennsylvania consumers are entitled to safe passage in publicly accessible areas such as shopping malls, business locations, and public parks. These areas must be maintained by the owner or an authority assigned to this task. When consumers become injured, the owner or authority fails to provide the duty of a hazard-free environment. Consumers who sustain injuries due to premise’s liabilities should contact a Personal Injury Attorney in Bethlehem PA, or click here to get more info today.

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