Home Networking in Cape Girardeau MO is a Convenient Way for the Whole Family to Access the Internet Safely

There are numerous reasons as to why a homeowner should establish a home network. Home Networking in Cape Girardeau MO allows multiple computers and other devices to be able to connect to the internet at the same time without interruption. It also allows access to folders and files from any device that is connected within a secured network.

Safe Connection

Ensuring the home network is secure can help an individual to feel confident in safely browsing the internet and saving personal information. A secure network prevents other individuals from being able to access personal information and data. However, in order to secure a network, the homeowner must take multiple steps. It is important to understand that routers that have been set up with a password will allow internet access, but that does not necessarily mean that they are secured. Following is a list of tips to create a safe and protected network.

  • Change the default name and password used to access the administrator’s panel in the router
  • Be sure to always use an encrypted password
  • Turn off the wireless router when not in use
  • Change the router’s SSID name
  • Always use a firewall
  • Lower the range of the wireless signal


There are five types of options for Home Networking in Cape Giradeau MO, two of which use wire connections, and three that use wireless connections:

  • Direct cable connection- a connection that allows two computers to be connected to the same network.
  • Traditional Ethernet- a network connection that allows for up to twelve computers.
  • AC network- a wireless connection that links multiple computers into the same network without having to be in the same room.
  • Phoneline network- this network allows for the computer to be connected to the network through the phone lines, without having to give up phone use while connected.
  • Radio Free (RF) network- a wireless frequency that uses radio frequency waves to transmit through walls and floors up to 800 feet.

Home networking ensures that the whole family can enjoy the convenience of the internet without having to leave the home. Researching the different network options will ensure a network that is suitable for the home. For more information or to get into contact with a home network specialist, Browse the site today.

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