How Can You Figure Out a Budget While Living in Student Housing?

Once you move into off-campus housing near Colorado State University, you might have to figure out a weekly budget for the first time. You’re responsible for paying rent on time every month and if you don’t, you risk getting kicked out of your unit. You’ll also have to consider other factors like gas money, food, event tickets and more. Here are some tips on figuring out your monthly budget.

What to Include in Your Monthly Budget

While everyone’s situation is different, here are a few items you should include in your monthly budget:

  • Rent: This could be your biggest bill and possibly the most important. If you don’t pay rent, you won’t have housing. Factor in your monthly rent payments before you do anything else.
  • Food: You’re also responsible for paying for your own meals. Figure out a food budget and stick to it as much as possible. If you live with roommates, they might be able to contribute to the monthly food budget.
  • Gas: If you plan on driving to campus every day, you’ll have to pay for gas as well. Plus, you might have other destinations like events, road trips and nights out with your friends.
  • Car payment: If you’re still paying off your vehicle, don’t forget to include that in your budget.
  • Entertainment: This is the least essential item in your budget. This might include event tickets, drinks at the bar, movie tickets and more.

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