How Companion Care Help Your Loved One

The aging process can be a burden for everyone involved. The aging person will be feeling new types of discomfort and perhaps confusion, and those who are trying their best to provide care will go through their own set of delicate emotions, which can be pretty difficult to reconcile. For these reasons, many people in the Alexandria, VA area are turning to companion care for their older loved ones.

How Does Companion Care Work?

Companion care is shaped according to the needs of the senior. What works for one person is invariably different from what works for another person simply because each situation is very unique. However, there are three primary objectives when it comes to providing companion care.

Emotional Support for the Senior

We all remember when we were going through adolescence and we would spend hours on the phone or texting with friends. We did that for more than just fun; it was a way of getting the emotional support we needed as our bodies and minds underwent some very complex changes. Similarly, the body and mind of a senior undergoes relatively rapid and complex changes during the aging process. As the senior deals with these, companion care can provide the emotional support needed. Sometimes this may involve explaining what’s happening in a calm, patient manner. But often, it’s just about being a friend, someone to talk to, share stories with and relate to in order to feel less lonely. This type of partnership has helped many seniors adjust to the twilight years easier.

Improve Overall Quality of Life

The quality of someone’s life is dependent on a number of different factors. Socialization is certainly one of them, but beyond that, there needs to be a variety of activity on a day-to-day basis. The mind needs to be kept alert, engaged, challenged and entertained. Companion care in the Alexandria, VA area can help accomplish these objectives.

Companionship for the Senior

Perhaps the most essential aspect of companion care is just the company. As friends pass on and relatives’ busy lives interfere with the desire to visit, a companion becomes more and more important. Daily interactions help strengthen the mind and bolster the will of the senior, making everything more pleasant.

If you have a senior loved one you would like for them to have companion care in the Alexandria, VA area, you can turn to Capital City Nurses. You can learn more at or by calling 866-807-7307.

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