How Glass Beautifies and Protects

Glass can be used in a multitude of ways in your home or commercial building to brighten up the interiors and also provide decorative features or relief. This versatile material has been used since time immemorial for diverse purposes.  It allows natural light to penetrate and brighten up the living area. It can be used for glazing most community buildings like churches, theaters, business complexes, malls and school buildings.

Glazing with large plate glass windows in most modern apartments and homes gives the appearance of space and airiness. The abundance of natural light and a picturesque view can give the living area or working area a relaxed atmosphere and make it look larger. A space with an abundance of natural light transforms the living area. On the contrary, neon lighting makes any office space look gloomy and gives it a claustrophobic feel.

Older homes had fewer windows and openings, as insulation was one of the main concerns. Windows and skylights were places where heat was lost. Nowadays, windows are mostly double glazed, making the job of insulation easier than before. Double glazed windows are good insulators and also keep out glare, dust, allergens, smoke etc. Although costlier than most regular windows, double glazed windows keep down electricity bills and are cost-effective over time. Double glazed windows also help in noise mitigation, enhancing security and other functions.

Automobiles, motor bikes and airplanes require specially enhanced glazing in their windscreens. This specially designed glazing does not break into fragments on impact or collision. Airplane windscreens are designed and specially fortified to withstand immense differences in temperature and pressure. Modern buildings in earthquake prone areas also used reinforced glazing that does not break into shards. Injuries from broken glass splinters and shards are the most common injuries sustained during natural disasters.

Glass is used creatively, by interior designers, to add glamour and drama to interiors.  The material has been used innovatively in kitchen counter tops, dividers between rooms, and in shower cubicles and other bathroom features. By pairing glazing with other materials like wood, metal or even leather, many offices achieve a sophisticated executive styled look. Using materials like glass in combination with wood and metal gives an industrial look that is modern and minimalist.

Glazed features and stained glass windows have always been used to enhance an architectural feature. Foyers and lobbies of large hotels, church halls, town halls and most other buildings used glazed features for embellishment. Clear and tinted glazing and laminates are used frequently in interiors. If you are considering home renovation, you can think about features made of glass. Dallas residents can find local glaziers offering repairs, remodeling and replacement.

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Glass Dallas

Glass Dallas

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