How Much Does Air Conditioning Installation Cost?

In the summer, many places in the US require the use of air conditioning, but if you are just getting ready to install it, you are probably wondering how much does air conditioning cost? The answer to this varies depending on factors such as the size of your home, the type of air conditioning you get, and where you are located.

Central A/C Varies from Home to Home
For instance, central A/C can be installed in several ways. If the home already has forced air heating, it will be less costly because the ductwork can also be used for the air conditioning. But if they also must install the ductwork, it will raise the price considerably. Likewise if you already have a good thermostat, you won’t need a new one.

It also depends on the type of unit and its SEER or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating and the tonnage, which is the amount of heat it can remove, i.e. one ton is 12 BTU an hour. Most units are aimed at removing three to six tons an hour. As an example, a house that is 1,600 square feet needs about a two and a half ton A/C unit.

Average Cost of Central A/C Installation
Depending on the various factors, the average price to put in central air conditioning in a home is about $2,600 to $15,000. This is not something a homeowner can do on their own, and they must hire a contractor. That means this cost is broken down into paying for not only the material used in the A/C unit, but also to pay for labor, contractor, and any subcontractors.

You might be able to offset the price of the A/C in some states if you check for tax breaks or rebates that are in existence via state and federal agencies. These are sometimes given for high efficiency units. So, if you are looking to install an A/C system, be sure to look into these and other facts concerning their cost. If you are anywhere near the Metuchen, New Jersey area contact First Choice Heating and Cooling for a first rate quote on your cooling options today.

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