How the Right Layout and Font Make For Great Menu Design in Miami

A great restaurant menu design in Miami, FL, combines a great layout, compelling descriptions, and visuals that bring the eye to the right places. Restaurants that do menu design right don’t overcrowd their menu with cluttered layouts. Nor do they flood their menus with unneeded graphics. Instead, the menus should adequately reflect your restaurant’s theme and feel.

The Layout Of Your Restaurant’s Menu

When you do your restaurant menu design in Miami, FL, your menu should look the way your restaurant feels to new diners. Whether your menu’s design is formal or more casual, it should always match your establishment’s concept. The same goes for the color scheme and menu font. For example, if your restaurant has a thoroughly, up-to-the-minute modern feel, then loud, clownish fonts won’t do your establishments any favors.

The Importance of Menu Fonts

You don’t want to forget about font when designing your menu. Restauranteurs running a Cuban restaurant that’s a local favorite and chef/owners behind a Michelin-starred eatery will probably have menus that look completely different. This is a good thing as these two places have almost opposite cuisines, clientele, and goals. Whatever type of restaurant you want to open, just make sure that the font is readable. You don’t want to have all of your diners reaching for their reading glasses just to learn about that night’s specials.

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