How to Buy the Right Cut of Meat at a Butcher Shop in Kansas City, MO

Many consumers buy their meat from grocery stores. They don’t even realize that they’re missing out. When they buy from a Butcher Shop Kansas City MO residents can get higher quality cuts at lower prices.

Visiting a butcher shop for the first time can feel somewhat intimidating. Check out the following advice about how to choose the right cuts of meat to take the stress out of the experience.

Fat Content

The fat content of meat directly impacts its taste and texture. Meat that is marbled with fat will have a deeper, more satisfying taste and will feel firmer to the touch, since fat hardens when it’s cold. Cuts from older animals will have more yellow fat, which can make them less tender but also confer a more mature taste.

Source Location

Try to buy meat from a local source, if possible. It will spend less time in transport, making it more nutritious and tastier. Customers can also try to find a company that provides a farm to table shopping experience so they’ll know where their meat is coming from before it hits the butcher shop.

Budget Concerns

Remember that cheap meat is much more likely to be both delicious and nutritious. Those who are working on a tight budget are better off buying smaller cuts of meat that are tastier, healthier, and easier to cook. When estimating how large a cut they’ll need to feed guests, hosts can assume that each person will eat between 120 and 200 grams of meat.

Additional Information

Don’t be afraid to ask questions of the butcher. Remember that he or she is an expert in the field, making this professional a valuable resource for consumers who aren’t sure exactly what they want. The butcher should be able to offer help with choosing the right cut.

Learn More Today

Want to find a Butcher Shop Kansas City MO consumers know uses sustainable, farm-to-table practices to ensure high-quality meat? Check out Valley Oaks Steak Company. Consumers can visit online or in person to learn more about the company and view its products, or they can place their orders over the Internet for added convenience.

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