How To Care For A New Car Windshield In Maryland

A brand new windshield is a big investment and it is important to follow a few protective steps after the installation is complete. Taking some extra time to understand simple care tips and instructions will prolong the life of the new windshield. The following tips will help vehicle owners to learn more about how to care for a new Car Windshield in Maryland.

Do Not Drive the Vehicle for at Least Twenty Four Hours

It is very important to wait about twenty-four hours to drive a vehicle after a new windshield has been installed. This time will allow the adhesive to dry completely and ensure that it is safe and secure. Weather is the main factor when determining how long to wait for the adhesive to dry and in some areas, it only takes about one hour.

Removing the Tape and When to get a Car Wash

It is common for installers to use tape to help the adhesive to dry completely and to keep the windshield in place. It is helpful to keep the tape on the windshield for about twenty-four hours to ensure the adhesive has time to dry while avoiding rain, dirt and other types of debris. If the seals and moldings are not completely dry then a car wash could ruin the installation of a brand new windshield and experts recommend waiting for one to two days before washing the vehicle.

Close Doors Gently and Leave the Windows Cracked

One of the best tips for protecting a newly installed car windshield is to crack the windows down about an inch. This step will release pressure and protect the windshield if it is parked in the hot sun. Closing the doors gently will also help to protect the newly installed windshield from sudden increases in pressure.

The experts at Beltway Auto & Plate Glass understand how important it is to properly care for a brand new windshield. They are committed to helping customers do all they can to increase the life of the windshield and will provide detailed instructions on how to care for the brand new glass after it has been installed.

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