How to Choose a Contractor for AC Installation?

Thinking about having a new air conditioner installed at your Santa Fe, TX, home? It can be a wise decision. Modern systems are much more efficient than those available just a few years ago. There are also many new options that you can take advantage of to ensure that your home is comfortable even during the height of summer. Of course, you’ll need to know how to choose a contractor for AC installation. What should you know?

Reputation Matters

One of the first considerations here is the company’s reputation. Any AC installation company should have a reputation for honesty and integrity. They should have good online customer reviews that speak to the quality of the company’s technicians, their ability to stick to the original estimate and deliver quality service each and every time. If the company’s reputation is less than sterling, find another option.

The Right Options

As mentioned, there are many options available today for AC installation. Make sure that the company you choose can give you access to the options that matter most to you. For instance, do you want a split system for your larger home? Do you think that you might benefit from a programmable thermostat? What about smart home technology? Perhaps you’re more interested in a comfort zone system that allows you to create separate temperature zones throughout your home. Whatever the case, the right AC installation company will give you access to the options you want and need.


Make sure that the technicians employed by the AC installation company are trained and certified. You should look for ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors of America) and NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certification as hallmarks that the company’s techs not only know what they’re doing, but have the training and knowledge necessary to troubleshoot problems they might encounter during the installation, size your unit correctly, and install new ductwork properly.


Texas requires that HVAC companies be licensed. Ask for proof of licensure before choosing any company. If the company cannot prove they are licensed by the state, then find another installer. Not only is licensure a legal requirement, but it proves that the contractor has vital experience and knowledge regarding HVAC equipment, refrigerant, and more.

Ultimately, finding the right AC installation contractor can help ensure that you’re able to stay cool and comfortable. Follow the tips listed above and you’ll be able to find a trusted company quickly.

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