How to Choose a Slip and Fall Injury Law Attorney in Upper Marlboro, MD

Even though personal injury attorneys are sometimes joked about, when a personal injury happens, and an attorney is needed, it is no laughing matter. Every year, hundreds of thousands of individuals are injured in slip and fall mishaps. Here are some guidelines to assist in choosing a slip and fall injury law attorney in Upper Marlboro, MD.

A slip and fall injury usually occurs when an accident takes place on someone else’s property. Sometimes it is caused by a dangerous condition like a slippery surface, or it could occur because of poor lighting.

It is important to find an attorney as soon as possible because there are time limits for filing a case. After the injury, enlist the help of family or friends for guidance. An injured individual can start by asking friends and family for referrals or conducting a local internet search.

After obtaining several names, the next step is to set up a meeting with an attorney to first, evaluate the claim, and second, determine whether the injured person should pursue their personal injury claim. Depending on the amount of pain they are experiencing, it may be wise for the individual to take a friend or family member along when interviewing attorneys because mental faculties may not be as clear or alert when there is pain or discomfort.

During the interview process, the person should pay attention to how the attorney and staff speaks to and treats him or her. More importantly, they should pay attention to what their gut tells them about the attorney. When telling how the injury happened, does the attorney listen respectfully or try to put words in the person’s mouth? Make sure the attorney takes the time to explain the legal process and answer any and all questions.

Personal injury victims should look for attorneys who are committed to getting the compensation to which they are entitled. Following these guidelines will hopefully help locate a trusted attorney who will fight to the finish for a fair and just resolution. If searching for a slip and fall injury law attorney in Upper Marlboro, MD, visit

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