How to Choose the Correct Gasoline for Your Stroudsburg Vehicle

Given the regularity with which you have to fill up your vehicle’s gas tank, you probably don’t give the process much thought. Have you ever stopped to consider, though, if the gas you’re putting in your car is really the gas that will help it run its best? After all, a service station offers many different types of gasoline in Holbrook, AZ, so you could be using the wrong type unless you do your homework. To ensure your vehicle is performing as it should, here are some tips to help you choose the correct gasoline for your car.

Read the Owner’s Manual

The good news is that proper gas selection is fairly straightforward most of the time. That’s because most vehicle owner’s manuals list clearly the type of gas you should use in your vehicle.

Specifically, your owner’s manual will tell you the octane rating of the gasoline that your vehicle requires. For many vehicles, standard 87-octane is sufficient. However, if you have a performance vehicle, 89- or even 93-octane may be needed. As long as you stick with what your owner’s manual recommends, you’ll be good to go for most driving situations.

Consider the Drive

Under certain driving conditions, you may need to utilize gasoline in Holbrook, AZ, of a higher octane rating than what you normally use. If you plan on driving on especially hilly terrain or hauling a heavy load, for example, a higher octane will help your engine perform better and reduce some of the “knocking” that is often associated with this type of driving. Therefore, before you fill your tank, it’s a good idea to consider where that tank of gas will take you to ensure you select the correct gasoline.

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