How To File For Compensation After A Car Injury in Oklahoma City

When auto accidents happen in Oklahoma, the highway patrol enters the scene to begin an investigation. The findings of this investigation determine who is at fault in the accident and liable for the medical bills and property damage sustained. If you suffered a car accident injury in Oklahoma City recently, you should contact an accident attorney without delay, then follow the three steps below.

Step 1: Filing an Insurance Claim

File an insurance claim through the carrier of the individual who was deemed at fault. The claim’s adjuster will arrive at the location in which your automobile is parked. They will write up a report identifying each area of the vehicle that is damaged. They will also acquire a copy of the accident report and a list identifying your medical bills. The claim’s adjuster reviews the policy to determine what is covered. He or she will notify you as to whether or not you will receive a settlement based on the stipulations in the policy.

Step 2: Filing a Claim in Court After a Denial

Contact an attorney to file a formal claim in court. If the at-fault driver’s insurance provider denied your claim or if he or she failed to comply with insurance laws, it is necessary to file a claim in court to acquire compensation. Your attorney provides you a list of items you should bring in to start your claim. Typically, this includes at least three estimates for the automobile repairs and a complete list of your medical expenses.

Step 3: Attend Your Court Date

The county court will schedule a court date for your case. During the course of your trial, your attorney presents your case to the jury. This includes testimony from law enforcement authorities who were present on the scene of the accident. The jury and judge have the final say as to whether or not you acquire a settlement based on the evidence presented.

Drivers who were injured in an automobile accident  that was not their fault are within their rights to file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver. An attorney practicing in personal injury laws can assist with their efforts to acquire compensation. If you wish to file a claim in court after a car injury in Oklahoma City occurs, you should contact your preferred attorney today.

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