How to Find a Good Cosmetology School in Kansas City

A career in cosmetology can be exciting and fun, especially if it’s a lifelong dream. Whether you want to do hair, nails, makeup or facials, getting the right start is essential to your success. Finding the right cosmetology school should be a priority, because a quality education in beauty school is a stepping stone to a successful career, and can result in many happy, returning customers. Before deciding on just any school, take the following factors into consideration, so you don’t end up disappointed.

Get Referrals

To find a Cosmetology School in Kansas City, talk to the technicians and stylists in your favorite, local beauty salon. Inquire where they got their training, and find out how they landed the job that they did. Maybe they went to a cosmetology school that’s worth your consideration. Also, ask friends or neighbors who work in cosmetology for references, or search online for reviews of local beauty schools.

Determine Accreditation

Find out whether the school that you’re considering is accredited. This means that the school meets certain institutional and academic requirements set forth by cosmetology school accrediting organizations. Accreditation makes the school more reliable, because national performance standards are met. Going to an accredited school also makes it easier to get a job after graduating. Go to the school’s website, because most likely, you can find out more here about its accreditation.

Research the Curriculum

Going over the school’s curriculum can also help you determine whether it’s the right school for you. Unless you have a specific area of interest that requires less training, Cosmetology School in Kansas City will take anywhere from 1,400 to 1,600 hours. These hours are often completed over a two-year period. The classes can include training in everything from basic hair and nail service to communication skills and interview techniques. Ideally, hand-on training is provided, and an on-site student beauty salon is present for real-world practice.


When you find a cosmetology school that you like, determine how long it’s been around, and how many people have graduated in the past years. Also, see if there are any scholarships or financial-aid programs available, and see what it takes to qualify for these.

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