How to Fix a Leaky Basement in Westford, MA

Few things are more unpleasant for homeowners than walking downstairs to get something out of storage and finding that their family’s valuable possessions have become waterlogged and damaged right under their noses. Of course the first thing to do to mitigate the stress these kinds of situations cause is to remove everything from the area. The second is to look into a company that can adequately repair a leaky basement in Westford MA to ensure that future incidents will not occur. There are several ways of going about this, which are detailed below.

Internal Solutions

If the concrete that forms the foundation walls is cracked, it must be adequately sealed as soon as possible. Basement repair contractors have access to industrial grade resins that can penetrate both the crack and its capillaries. This is intended to be a permanent solution, and can save a lot of money on more costly foundation repairs further down the line. However, not all leaks are caused by cracks. Some basement leaks occur in the seams between the walls and floors, while still others are the result of water pressure building up in the soil outside. When this is the case, a drainage system will need to be installed.

French drains can be used to fix Leaky Basement in Westford MA that are the result of hydro-static pressure and high water tables. A contractor will have to remove a portion of the floor in order to install this kind of drain, which can take a little bit longer and make for more work. A bed of stone is them placed into the trench beneath the floor, and perforated PVC pipes are used to lead any surrounding moisture to a sump pump for safe removal from the area.

External Solutions

Outdoor water leaching systems can also be used to prevent water from entering the basement to begin with. These guide the water away from the foundation, providing a simple solution for avoiding flooding and other forms of water damage. They can also help to avoid puddling on lawns and driveways. Click here to learn more about the appropriate applications for these and other basement drainage and moisture control solutions.

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