How To Get Sales Training Speakers For Your Next In House Conference

8512593_lIn many businesses that employ a number of people under the banner of their Sales And Marketing Department, many of such staff work away from the Head Office in their own territories. It is commonplace in such organizations to bring all the sales people together periodically. This serves to both promote corporate loyalty and ties and also to update them on new products and changes in company organization.

Sales Training

To get more leverage from these regular “get togethers” one or more sales training seminars will be included in the program. Usually, Sales Training Speakers will be hired to conduct the seminar.

The Outside Speaker

If the seminar is to be nothing more than a pep talk then the Sales Manager might as well be the speaker; after all, he or she will know what the company is about and where it wishes to go. But, will they have any new ideas and techniques to present to the sales force? Equally importantly, how good are they at speaking in front of an audience?

Probably they started their career at sales person level and then rose up through the management ranks but a good ability to succeed with a sales pitch on a one on one basis with a new prospect does not necessarily mean that they can hold a larger audience’s attention and get the information across. Even product managers with a great love for the company’s latest “invention” can often fail to inspire an audience. This is why so many companies hire specialist guest speakers – usually from a reputable sales training organization.

National Speakers Association

When hiring Sales Training Speakers, the next step (after checking the relevancy of their ideas) is to ensure that they are also good listeners since they will need to be briefed on many details about your company and its aims and ambitions if they are to successfully motivate your people at the seminar.

But, how do you know if they have the required speaking skills? A good guide can be obtained from asking if they are members of the National Speakers Association (NSA) and, if so, are they designated as a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP)?

Such Sales Training Speakers have been acknowledged by their peers for demonstrating a considerable history of professional speaking which has been endorsed by their clients for excellent eloquence, expertise, enterprise and ethics. These are the people capable of moving your sales force to greater heights.

Doug Dvorak is a Certified Speaking Professional and CEO of The Sales Coaching Institute operating out of Chicago. When you hire any of their expert Sales Training Speakers you are ensured of the best.

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