How to Get Stains Out of Terrazzo Floors

Terrazzo floors are common options for buildings where a smooth, sleek finish is desired. This material is made by mixing cement and marble, and because there is cement in the mix, it does tend to absorb stains. If you are wondering how to get stains out of terrazzo floors, or how to clean the floor before you have terrazzo floor polishing done, here are some tips.

  • Many stains can be cleaned up with hot water mixed with a liquid detergent, such as stains caused by alcohol, grease, oil, paint, and freshly spilled ink.
  • However, if the stain is a natural bodily fluid, such as blood, use cold water mixed with a few drops of ammonia. Hot water will only help the stain to set.
  • Ammonia is also a good stain remover for urine stains on terrazzo floors. Use warmer water mixed with ammonia for this type of stain.
  • If the stain was caused by something sticky like a soft drink or other food, try scrubbing the stain first with hydrogen peroxide, and then ammonia.
  • Coffee stains are often a problem in locations that have terrazzo floors. The best way to get rid of coffee stains is to mix three parts water with one part glycerin and allow the mixture to sit on the stain before scrubbing away.

Cleaning a Terrazzo Floor for Polishing

Whether you have a professional coming to polish the floor, or you prefer DIY terrazzo floor polishing, there are some things to do before this can happen.

First, be sure that the floor is clean, and that all stains are removed. After removing stubborn stains like the ones listed above, use a PH-neutral cleaner with a very soft mop to avoid scratching the floor as you clean it.

Once you’ve cleaned it and removed the stains, it needs to dry completely before anyone walks on it, or before any furniture is replaced. After it has been dried, the polishing and resealing process can begin. The floor will be covered with a sealant, and then buffed with terrazzo floor polishing powder.

After that process, the floor will get a final once-over with a damp mop to remove any extra powder. Then your terrazzo floors will be beautiful, stain-free, and polished to perfection. Use these tips to help get your floors ready for polishing, and to keep them looking great for years.

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