How To Get Your Vehicle Towed Safely

If you are on a long journey in your car, there are chances that you may run out of gas on the way, or have a flat tire or have your wheels caught in a ditch. You should always have the contact number of a towing company for such emergency situations.


A towing company will provide a number of emergency services besides towing your car away. Depending on the kind of vehicle you are driving, there will be a number of vehicles that the towing company can send. If you are aware of the kinds of equipment that these companies use, then it will be easier for you to decide who to call.


Things you should know:


  • The basic equipment that towing companies use are mostly similar.
  • The vehicle that is best suited to tow your vehicle is a truck with a flat bed trailer. So whether your vehicle is a car or a truck, it can be pulled onto the trailer by chains.
  • Another option is a traditional truck with a hook that attaches to the front of the car. The back wheels are on the road while the front wheels are raised above the ground.
  • Some companies may use covered trailers to tow the car. If you are willing to pay a little extra money then this option will keep your car safe.


Some towing safety tips:


  • Make sure that your vehicle is secured well to the truck, or else the rear wheels may slip off and damage the suspension. Safety chains should be used to draw the vehicle into the truck. Otherwise there are chances of damaging other vehicles also.
  • A truck that uses a hook to tow vehicles is fine for two wheeled vehicles, not for cars and trucks.
  • While your vehicle is being towed, you should make sure that the cars behind know exactly when you are going to turn and which way.
  • Also you should ensure that the towing truck is not carrying load beyond its capacity. If the load is heavier than the truck can carry, that can damage your vehicle as well.
  • The hitch should be of the right size or else your vehicle may come loose.
  • Make sure that your car is on neutral when it is being towed.


If you keep these things in mind during towing, Paramaus towing companies can get you out of any emergency situation that you may be in without damage to your vehicle. When you choose a towing company, know that it is the cost and service that should be the deciding factors of who you hire.

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