How to Increase the Efficiency of Gas Water Heaters in San Francisco CA

While gas Water Heaters San Francisco, CA are usually more affordable to operate than the electric models, this does not mean that homeowners with these appliances installed should not look for ways to save money when it comes to their hot water costs. There are several things that can be done to help a gas water heater run more efficiently and help a homeowner save money. Some of the most effective money-saving tips are found here.

Flush the Tank

While the majority of homeowners who have gas Water Heaters in San Francisco, CA don’t realize it, the fact is, flushing the tank on a yearly basis is an important part of maintaining a water heater. This is true for both an electric and gas system. The process to do this is fairly simple. All a homeowner has to do is turn the gas to the tank off, attach a piece of hose to the tank’s drain valve and then open the valve so the water can come out. When the water starts to run clear and cold, the valve can be closed. At this point, the homeowner should allow the tank to refill and turn the gas on.

Draining the tank will remove all of the sediments and minerals that have built up in the tank that could begin to interfere with the heater’s operation. Over time, if these elements get excessive, the unit may become less efficient.

Adjust the Tank’s Thermostat

There are some people who believe that setting the thermostat at a higher number will save them money. They believe this is true because when they turn on their faucet, they will use more cold water than hot to create a comfortable temperature. The reality is that a homeowner needs to be more concerned about tank heat loss than the actual amount of hot water used. The fact is the lower the temperature setting, the less energy needed to maintain that temperature, saving a homeowner money.

If a homeowner is not comfortable handling these jobs themselves, then they can call the professionals. The staff from Advantage Plumbing SF is ready to help with any hot water heater issue that may be present. Homeowners can also visit the website to learn more about the services available.

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