How to Prepare for Long Weekend and Vacation Driving

If you have your Drivers License in Saskatchewan and are looking forward to your first Easter holiday or spring break there are a few ways you can be better prepared to hit the road. The most important thing is to stick to the rules of the road in order to stay safe. Here are some driving tips to help you prepare for your first road trip:

With the cost of gas prices it is always a good idea to plan out your route. This way you will find the most direct way to get to your destination without wasting gas. As well a properly navigated trip will help you avoid panicking if you miss your turn off. Don’t fiddle with your GPS. Instead set it and forget it and it will do the rest.

Bring your car into your local mechanic and have an assessment done to make sure it is ready to travel. Things such as properly inflated tires will affect how your car drives and stops. A quick check will make sure everything is in working order for a safer drive.

Plan your trip and give yourself enough time so you do not feel rushed. Speeding is never a good idea. You might also encounter unexpected traffic which will slow you down. Having enough time will allow you to make your way to your destination at a leisurely, comfortable and safe pace.

Buckle up and make sure your passengers do the same.

Spring and summer are the seasons of construction. Make sure you follow the rules and reduce your speed to 60 KPH when you are driving through a construction zone.

The holidays and vacation time are often a time to consume alcohol. Make sure you do not drink and drive.

As a new driver it might be harder to drive with distractions. Put your cell phone away and avoid drinking and eating while you drive. Set your radio to your favourite channel or better yet prepare a mix of music you can play so you don’t get annoyed by commercials.

Make sure your schedule does not involve driving too many hours in a row. If you have a passenger who drives consider sharing the driving so you do not run into danger if you become too tired.

Preparing for your road trip will help you remain focused on getting to your destination without incident so you can enjoy your down time.

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